#12: “I knew I needed to find Barack Obama…”

This happened to me in February, during the political primary
season. I had gotten shot somehow, and was staggering around
helplessly. I knew I needed to find Barack Obama, because he
was the only one who could remove the bullet from me. I looked
in Chicago, and he wasn’t there. I biked all the way to New York,
and when I got there it was suddenly 100 years ago. The Statue
of Liberty was just being built, but somehow Obama was also
there. He removed the bullet and we danced in someone’s large


#11: “He was literally wallowing in a pile of mud…”

I was interviewing the winner of a reality TV show who had won $500,000. He was crying throughout the interview and admitted that, although he was now rich, he wasn’t happy because his girlfriend had broken up with him. He was literally wallowing in a pile of mud outside his house. Then he climbed out of the pile and gave me a tour of the house, which was small but efficient and well-decorated. The walls were mostly glass, and there were only two rooms on the first floor — a kitchen/living room/dining room and bathroom. A ladder led up to his bedroom, which overlooked the dining room part. He then showed me a map of Florida which was spread across two pages — one for the counties in which women could freely own property, and the other for the counties in which women needed permission of the state governor.

Illustration by Scott Donaldson.

#10: “…me and Mary Magdalene shopped for shoes.”

I dreamed that I was hanging out in the underground with Jesus and the 12 disciples and Peter was talking to a homeless kid and comparing religion in general to a Disney movie. Then we ended up at my childhood home where Andrew and I invented bowling by getting into a fight and gradually throwing larger and larger stones at one another until we could only roll them and crush my mother’s flower beds. Then we went to the TJ Maxx where I had my first job and Jesus and Judas ganged up on my boss and told him I was too good for retail work while me and Mary Magdalene shopped for shoes.

#9: “…I could not move and fear set in.”

This is not a dream but rather a nightmare. I had been dreaming a lot one night, when suddenly I woke up from the middle of a dream, and realized someone was laying on top of me. I tried to see who it was and as I struggled to move out from underneath the crushing weight I realized I could not move and fear set in. I tried to scream for my mom but no sound came out. I tried to form the word, tried to force a noise from my mouth but I could not make a sound. It was when I tried screaming that the hand of whatever was on top of me moved over my mouth. My only thought was to get out from whatever I was underneath as I gathered all my strength in an attempt to throw myself off the bed. This, too, was unsuccessful but I guess I fell back asleep after this. Needless to say I did not sleep a wink the next night, but thankfully, whoever, or whatever, visited me that night, has not returned since

Editor’s note: the writer of this dream asked that I include these two links to help you understand a dream like this. The first is an article on sleep paralysis, which is often an explanation for “paranormal” experiences such as this one. The second is the wikipedia article on the incubus, not the band, but a demon-like creature that was used as an explanation for events like these in the days before medical advancement.Illustration by Scott Donaldson.

#8: “…as if it were any old day, back in the day.”

In this recurring dream, I find myself walking into high school in the dream (yet in my mind being fully aware that it’s a dream and I’ve been out of high school for some time now). However, once I enter through the doors of the high school I immediately forget that fact and go on as if it were any old day, back in the day. I always walk up to where my old locker was and upon reaching it I cannot remember my combination. I frantically try a few combos and then I hear the bell ring. At this point, I walk to the office, give them my name, and ask what my combo is (it’s always given to me on an index card with my name on one side and the locker com on the other. By the time I get back up to my locker, I am made aware again that I’m out of high school (though not fully aware that it’s a dream). I open my locker and somehow my backpack is already in there, so I grab it and (I assume) downstairs towards the exit to go to my car… I always wake up right before I reach the bottom of the stairs….

#7: “…I had my hand in the shape of a phone…”

I had a dream where a kid from high school that I never talked to called me and asked me to hang out. This wasn’t that strange of a dream, however, when I woke up, I had my hand in the shape of a phone, and was talking into it. What made things even crazier was that about five seconds after I woke up, my phone began to ring, and although it was not the person that called me in the dream, it was someone from high school that I had never talked to on the phone.

#6: “…he was just a head sitting on a table.”

I was in a tunnel and encountered one of the minor pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean. He had been attacked and was now only a head. I mean the rest of his body must have been severed at some point, and he was just a head sitting on a table. I ventured further down and he was there also. He told me that someone had carried him this far.
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