#8: “…as if it were any old day, back in the day.”

In this recurring dream, I find myself walking into high school in the dream (yet in my mind being fully aware that it’s a dream and I’ve been out of high school for some time now). However, once I enter through the doors of the high school I immediately forget that fact and go on as if it were any old day, back in the day. I always walk up to where my old locker was and upon reaching it I cannot remember my combination. I frantically try a few combos and then I hear the bell ring. At this point, I walk to the office, give them my name, and ask what my combo is (it’s always given to me on an index card with my name on one side and the locker com on the other. By the time I get back up to my locker, I am made aware again that I’m out of high school (though not fully aware that it’s a dream). I open my locker and somehow my backpack is already in there, so I grab it and (I assume) downstairs towards the exit to go to my car… I always wake up right before I reach the bottom of the stairs….

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  1. […] the presence of an obscure high school classmate seems to be something very common in the dreams we’ve published) who was raking his leaves thought we were seriously angry. For some reason, he decided […]

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