#9: “…I could not move and fear set in.”

This is not a dream but rather a nightmare. I had been dreaming a lot one night, when suddenly I woke up from the middle of a dream, and realized someone was laying on top of me. I tried to see who it was and as I struggled to move out from underneath the crushing weight I realized I could not move and fear set in. I tried to scream for my mom but no sound came out. I tried to form the word, tried to force a noise from my mouth but I could not make a sound. It was when I tried screaming that the hand of whatever was on top of me moved over my mouth. My only thought was to get out from whatever I was underneath as I gathered all my strength in an attempt to throw myself off the bed. This, too, was unsuccessful but I guess I fell back asleep after this. Needless to say I did not sleep a wink the next night, but thankfully, whoever, or whatever, visited me that night, has not returned since

Editor’s note: the writer of this dream asked that I include these two links to help you understand a dream like this. The first is an article on sleep paralysis, which is often an explanation for “paranormal” experiences such as this one. The second is the wikipedia article on the incubus, not the band, but a demon-like creature that was used as an explanation for events like these in the days before medical advancement.Illustration by Scott Donaldson.



  1. I want to start out saying, I have three or four of these dreams a week. They are always followed by sleep paralysis. It is always scary and something you will never get used to. The first one was the scariest. I was dreaming that I was falling and as I was falling I was watching myself from afar and thinking that they say if you hit the ground while falling in a dream you die in real life. Well, I hit the ground and at that moment was the first time that I experienced paralysis. I thought I was dead: I had this dream and then I could not move. That dream will be with me for the rest of my life.

  2. Where I’m from, this is rather common. As a matter of face, we have some of the highest rates in my country.
    We actually have a name for it, it’s been around longer than anyone here knew about sleep paralysis. We’ve always called it getting “Hagged”. Because, supposedly, the Hag paid you a visit.
    I know about five people that have been hagged, though luckily I’ve never been myself.

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