#31 Pt. 1: “‘…I promise I’ll be back.'”

Editors Note: I’m going to divide this dream between three days because it’s huge. I’ll also add links for people who don’t know the stories that influenced this dream (I’m one of those people in the case of Eragon.)

Okay so basically I had this dream YEARS ago, like when I was 12 (I’m 16 now), but the dream was so vivid, so real, long, bizarre and so emotional I have not forgotten it to this day. I don’t blame you if you don’t add this dream (or read the whole thing), because it’s extremely long and complicated, but I’m happy to tell it anyway because I’ve honestly never had a dream as wicked in my life as this one.

Also note, when I had this dream I was reading the fourth book of Harry Potter and the first book of Eragon. Which I think is interesting because in my dream I predicted a few things that occur later in the series, such as Sirius‘s death, and where Snape’s loyalty is.

So in my dream, It was my Bat Mitzvah (a Jewish celebration of a girl turning 12- the year she is considered an adult), there was a huge party at my school in the gym, fancy tables, decorations, and tons of people (although for some reason they were all Rabbis who I didn’t know and no one I knew besides my direct family), it looked as though my family was very high-class. For entertainment, my parents decided to hire a comedian, so they hired the genie from Aladdin.

My dream begins with me in the audience sitting next to my father, who apparently was Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series. He was very handsome, dressed in a tux and he was so happy. And for some reason, he kept referring to me as “princess”, and I felt so happy being around him, and him around me. But at one point in intermission (from the genie’s performance), Sirius stood up and looked at me gravely and said, “I need to go–I promise I’ll be back”, although he said it with a smile, his tone hinted that he was worried about something, but didn’t want to tell me. So before I could object, he disappeared. Furious, worried and alone, I immediately accosted my mother, who was sitting next to my aunt. Both were dressed ridiculously in 18th century dresses, laughing to themselves without a care in the world. I asked my mother where Sirius was, but she only continued to laugh. I threatened her that I’d leave if she didn’t tell me. But she just gave a look to her sister that said, “She clearly isn’t an adult yet” and again, began to laugh. I stormed off in a rage to the other end of the large gym where there were no decorations.

As I walked, the wooden gym floor soon turned into a huge lake, and I was suddenly outside. I saw a bridge over the water and an old man sitting there fishing. Apparently the old man was Brom from the Eragon series, and he was my uncle. So I tried to call out to him, but because he was so old, he couldn’t hear me. So I tried to walk on the water (I have no idea why) and I obviously began to sink in the water. As I screamed for help, Brom heard me and jumped into the water. What was weird about this, was that in my dream, I left the perspective of myself, and I saw what was happening through Brom’s perspective. Through Brom’s eyes, I watched as he swam to me with what little energy he had left in his frail body and saved me. While swimming to shore, I asked Brom if he knew where Sirius was, but he said he didn’t now. Almost at the bridge, he let go of me, and said I should try to make it to the bridge by myself, he’d catch up. So (still in Brom’s perspective) I watched as I swam to the bridge. But soon, Brom began to drown, and I saw through his eyes as he went benethe the surface into darkness. Just at the moment when he’s about to die, my perspective jumps back to me for some reason and I’m on land, still walking around.


#30: “We totally kicked her ass…”

Alright, so I had the most kick ass dream. My friend and I were X-Men, he was Cyclops and I was Nightcrawler, and we were battling his girlfriend, who was Jean Gray (AKA the Phoenix). We totally kicked her ass but she somehow had Rogue‘s powers and stole my teleporting powers and then disappeared before we could finish her off. I feel bad for trying to kill my friend’s girlfriend in my dream but she was losing control of her powers and Professor X wasn’t there to trap the phoenix back into her head. BEST DREAM EVER!!!

#29: “…everyone was fighting with swords.”

I was in my high school with Orlando Bloom and there was a giant battle going on and everyone was fighting with swords.  Then all of a sudden someone, who i couldn’t see, shot a gun, and I saw someone run by carrying my friend.  Orlando and I ran after her, but I had trouble turning the corners because I was in only socks.  Then, as we turned the corner… we were sitting in the cafeteria, eating and talking about chicken noodle soup.

#28: “…me Mum buried a ferret.”

I was being chased by the Praetorian Guards in the Roman Coliseum but had stop while me Mum buried a ferret. We got caught because she left the leash above ground.

#27: “Then these giant meatballs started to roll…”

I was outside of my house with a friend and as we were going for a walk these bullies came and started throwing meatballs at us. Then these giant meatballs started to roll down the street and crushed them.

Illustration by Scott Donaldson.

#26: “Eventually the old ladies got to us…”

I dreamed that a friend from high school was visiting me at college. I brought him into the dining hall, but forgot that old ladies were checking everyone’s ID’s so that no one could sneak in. Fortunately, there was a long line, so we somehow got food and started eating it as fast as we could. Eventually the old ladies got to us and asked my friend for his ID. Still eating, he shrugged and they told us that we had to leave. It felt like we were running in slow motion as we got out of there, with old ladies shaking their fists at us as we left.

#25: “All of a sudden lava oozed all around us.”

Pam from the Office and I were sitting in my car in my driveway. All of a sudden the moon started spinning around the sun very quickly. I said “That must be the Earth wobbling on it’s axis. All of a sudden lava oozed all around us. We took off in the car to get to higher ground and lava started raining down on us. We crashed into some fleeing people, and we got out and got on one of their bikes. Pam steered and I sat on the fender of the back tire.

A fat kid ran behind us asking if he could get on, too. Without waiting for the answer he tried to take my spot, so I kept clubbing him with my arm. We finally got to the top of a hill and the lava stopped raining down. The rest of the cast of the Office was there and everyone was swimming in a fountain, tending to their burns from the lava. I told everyone my theory about the earth wobbling on its axis and said the liquid core had probably broken through the mantle, a theory that everyone agreed with and actually earned me some female admirers.

Apparently, we all still had to do office work even though we had to stay at the top of the hill because their was magma at the bottom of it. Michael Scott and I were the only ones who had laptops, and we had car adapters. We got in a large van. Michael said “This is great! We can listen to music and swap MP3’s!” He got out of the van for a second and Pam opened the door and, as if I were Jim, I wispered, “Oh my God, did you hear that? He wants to swap MP3’s.” Pam replied, “I know… I’ll save you. I’ll print out your report so you can work on it by hand and we’ll hang out somewhere else.”

She did this, then we went and sat on the side of the hill. She began eating her lunch, and I had none. Hoping she would give me some of hers, I turned to her and hinted by saying “Doesn’t it always work out that when there is a firestorm your lunch is the first thing to go?”

(Editor’s note: Hmm, a popular TV show, plus a natural disaster, plus witty one liners at the end of the dream. Doesn’t that sound like another dream…)

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