#13: “…I am their next victim.”

This dream consists of many people that I know but don’t really talk to.It started out that my best friend and I went to this birthday/engagement party at a chuck-e-cheese type place for some girl who went to our high school (that I never really knew in real life). We are sitting around a table and this girl I know at my university comes in but won’t sit with us and acts really weird. My best friend (who doesn’t know her at all) offers to give her a ride home and the girl is just acting really pissed off but eventually my friend walks her to her car. After a few minutes I decide to walk home to my parents house, and all of a sudden it was daylight outside. On my way I pass my old high school and on the sidewalk there are tons of women with picket signs about wanting better treatment for administration workers. I stand on the sidewalk and start clapping, but no one else does the same- everyone is ignoring these women, which is really annoying. I hang out with them for awhile before I go to the back doors of the school- because apparently I had to drop something off. On my way I pass a young man who has a ton of stuff, garbage, boxes, etc. that he needs to transport somewhere all by himself and he asks me to help. I say sure, and he goes- “cool its like Im the janitor and you can be an administration lady”. I ask him if he is asking me to do administration work because I am a woman, he smiles coyly and says “maybe”. So I say “then NO, I won’t help you” so I drop a broom off inside the building and start walking home. On my way I pass two 15ish year old boys on bikes with intense motorcycle helmets who look a bit thug-ish. They start riding their bikes around me, trying to hit me. They tell me that they go around Milwaukee beating people up about once a week and that I am their next victim. I try to ration with them- asking how they would feel if someone randomly chose to beat them to a pulp. They stopped for a sec, thought about it, and continued to intimidate me. I saw a bunch of kids and their dad across the street and begged to walk with them up the street- the thugs tried to discourage this at first, but then we all started walking down the street. Apparently somewhere during that short block the thugs changed their mind and I went my separate way and walked/swam home (In my dreams I can swim through the air). However, today when I dove into the air I didn’t get enough momentum or something and ended up diving into my neighbor’s lawn and had to embarrassingly start over. I got to my house and there were signs all over it for some prize that we won… and then I woke up.



  1. Every dream that ends in “and then I woke up” now officially reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones’ final line from No Country for Old Men.

  2. […] #13 […]

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