#14: “I looked over and the bus was understandably trashed.”

I dreamed I was driving a big transit bus towards Fon du Lac from Milwaukee on I-45. The weird thing was that I was driving it as if I was riding a horse, on top of the bus with reins. I got to Oconomowoc (which is weird because you have to take I-94 to get to Oconomowoc), and realized that I was supposed to be going to Chicago, so I wanted to turn around. I got off at an exit that elevated to an overpass. I pulled back on the reins as hard as I could to slow it down, but I couldn’t get it to slow down enough. I pulled back so hard that I fell over the left side of the bus and was using my weight to pull the reigns even more. The bus veered left and went over the side of the overpass to the freeway below. Before it fell, I jumped off onto the overpass. I looked over and the bus was understandably trashed. All of a sudden, gunshots rang out and started hitting the tailpipe of the bus and ricocheting in my direction. I was so confused, but I ran to a cop who had witnessed the whole thing and yelled “They’re shooting!”. He looked annoyed by me, but he went over to a woman with a gun in her hand and cuffed her without a problem. She was standing with two men. Apparently, they had just come out of a bar and all three were intoxicated. One man was her ex-boyfriend, the other was her husband. She had made out with the ex-boyfriend in front of the husband. For some reason this made her go outside and shoot the tailpipe on a crashed bus. The ex-boyfriend said to the husband, “Whatever, she’s my ex-girlfriend,” and shrugged, making it seem as if he couldn’t be blamed for making out with this dude’s wife. The husband, on the brink of tears, said, “This is my marriage.” I don’t think I ever faced any consequences for the crash before I woke up.


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