#15: “I turned around and there were 30 SWAT guys.”

Some friends and I were riding down the street in a shopping cart. We started to go really fast, and I told my friend who was steering to slow down. He didn’t heed my warning, and we came to regret it when we ended up going into a court. He tried to turn around, but it tipped over on its side and we all went sprawling. I playfully started yelling at him, but I wasn’t too mad because none of us got hurt. But a kid from high school who I didn’t talk to very much (Editor’s note: the presence of an obscure high school classmate seems to be something very common in the dreams we’ve published) who was raking his leaves thought we were seriously angry. For some reason, he decided to take my friends side, so he came up and attempted to punch me. I beat him to the punch (no pun intended), and knocked him out with one blow. I could literally feel his face explode in this dream (I’ve never punched anyone out, so this is the first I’d felt of it, and it actually felt really gross). His nose and jaw were broken, and he began to have seizures. I immediately regretted it and began to tell him he would be fine. I don’t know what happened to him, but I ended up going back to my apartment. Later, I opened the door and there was a policeman. Suddenly, I became Jason Bourne. The cop stupidly turned away from me and started talking on his walkie talkie. I slipped out and down a stair case, jumping over the rail on each floor to the next, and ran to a mall. There, I hung out in a bar until my girlfriend (who looked just like Bourne’s girlfriend), approached me from behind and hugged me without me turning around and said “Ready to go?”. I said, “yeah”, and she said, “Good. Come get him boys.” I turned around and there were 30 SWAT guys. As they grabbed me I yelled “My first instinct was to run!” Once again, though, they didn’t cuff me for some reason and at a certain point everyone was just standing around oblivious to me. Instead of running, I got down on my hands and knees and crawled to a staircase that did not wind, but went straight from the fourth floor to the ground floor. I rolled down this staircase as if rolling down a hill. When I got to the bottom I stood up, very happy that I had gotten away. But suddenly, every civilian at the mall pulled a gun out of their shopping bags. I quickly thrust my hands up and yelled “I was just kidding, I’m going back up, don’t shoot!” and walked back up the stairs.


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