#47: “…he doesn’t know we’re dating.”

I am sitting on the porch with my girlfriends dad (he doesn’t know were dating). He comes out wearing a white tank top, a watch and a cigarette in his hand (he doesn’t smoke). He doesn’t say anything he just sits there… at the same time I could hear my conscience and it is telling me about my life; what I have done and what I have accomplished. While all this is going on I am having a conversation with God.  So basically I am talking to God and he’s telling me all of life’s answers, my conscience is telling me about my life (my conscience doesn’t know I am speaking with God) and I’m sitting there with my girlfriend’s dad….the dream ends when I say “But Why” and my conscience asks who am i talking to… I woke up with shivers down my spine


#46: “…you will be transported to 10 years ago.”

From the desk of the illustrator: Here’s another one of mine that I thought was a pretty cool time travel dream. I also decided to draw a picture. Enjoy!

Outside the sculpture room in my school’s art building, there is a mirror covered in plaster and grime. If you look deeply into your own eyes in this mirror, you will be transported to 10 years ago. I do this, and visit my brother’s 5th grade graduation. He is the shortest kid in the class, and they sing a song. When I look at myself in a mirror (in 1998), I look like I do now, only 10 years younger. I am eventually transported back to today.Time Mirror

I do this again, and am transported to somewhere on my school’s campus along with hundreds of cows and horses. I learn that I somehow brought them with me. But when I return to 2008, they stay, and some pirates are going to wage war on the college with them.

Suddenly, I am one of the pirates and our ship is being tossed violently by waves. One pirate escapes onto the shore and plays beach volleyball, but I stay on the ship and endure the storm.

#45: “I start to try to tell him that I am sorry…”

I dreamed last night that I was at a concert and I was with a good guy friend from high school. He went to a private school and I went to a school on the west coast but we both loved the band (couldnt remember what one it was) and we were singing the songs and yelling them aloud and having a good time.. and then he kisses me and I push him away and start yelling. Another guy sees this and comes over by us and asks my friend if he has a problem and he says no there is no problem. I leave the concert and I’m suddenly in my car driving to his college. Two months have passed and I realized I did have feeling for my guy friend so I guess I was driving to tell him that. I show up on his campus and hes really excited to see me and wants to introduce me to his girlfriend. He calls for her I think her name was Elizabeth and shes walking towards us from the distance. I start to try to tell him that I am sorry and that I did have feelings for him but then his girlfriend gets closer and shes pregnant. I start crying and get in my car and leave.

#44: “…the building is on fire.”

I dream often that I am taking a nap on the couch in our apartment and when I wake up its pitch black and I am sweating as if I had awoke from a nightmare. There is no one in the room or the apartment and the building is on fire. The smoke alarms start to go off and I try to get out of the room but the door is locked from the inside and I cant get out. I use a chair to break the window and call for help but everyone just stands outside smiling and they start to wave at me.

#43: “Stranded on a desert island?”

From the desk of the illustrator: I wrote this dream down about two and a half years ago in my journal. It doesn’t follow a coherent narrative, but is representative of the feeling of being in my dreams. I usually write in bullet points that separate different scenes or ideas.

  • Burger King fries are both salty and delicious.
  • A couple of millionaires, both men and women, are impersonating Abe Lincoln and George Washington. There are also hundreds of clones of one of my high school teachers, each wearing different disguises, walking up stairs.
  • My band teacher writes a script to put on as a play, but it’s very obviously band-related propaganda.
  • Stranded on a desert island? Or was it planned? Two young boys are there and one of them looks a lot like a younger version of me.

#42: “…conveniently there’s a laundry machine.”

It’s summer and I’m in a large city (maybe Boston or New York) that has a subway system. I need to get to the public library, so I plan on taking the subway. By the time I reach a station, it’s so hot out that my clothes are soaked with sweat. I get inside, and conveniently there’s a laundry machine. I start to put my shirt in but realize that I don’t have any other clothes. There’s a guy nearby and I ask him if he has any spare that I could put on while I do my laundry. He doesn’t, but he thinks that we know each other and decides that we can do our laundry together.

#41: “Sadly I never got to Des Moines…”

I was walking from Chicago to Des Moines, Iowa. A great journey east. Yes, it should have been west, but in this geographically confused dream it was most definitely east. It may have even been along the Appalachian Trail. I stopped in some small town to try and look for somewhere to spend the night, and for a postcard. No luck on the postcard, but I found a nice youth hostel. I don’t believe I actually stayed there though. There was a man with a camel-like creature acting as a taxi service to Des Moines, so I took that. I had to hang on to the tail. I kept trying to climb up onto the animal’s back, but the driver kept pushing me back. Apparently the fare was more expensive to ride on it’s back. I decided the extra comfort was worth it, and saw the meter begin to go up at an increased rate. Yeah, the camel-creature had a taxi meter on it. The scenery between Chicago and Des Moines was quite spectacular – think a cross between Mongolia and Arizona. I’m pretty sure the midwest is not like that at all. Sadly I never got to Des Moines, but it was an interesting journey.

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