#31 Pt. 2: “…the chapters can’t continue without you…”

I head back to school somehow and I begin to look through each classroom, and soon find the most complicated-looking set of stairs I’ve ever seen in my life, made of glass (think of Escher’s staircase drawings). I explore these endless stairs for awhile, but I soon get lost. I see a girl, younger than me, and much prettier with curly brown hair and a red dress walking in a certain direction. I follow her, but am too scared to actually talk to her in case she tries to escape me and I won’t be able to find my way out. After awhile, she eventually notices me and looks at me puzzled. She asks why I was following her so sneakily. She saw me the whole time, but didn’t understand why I was trying to hide. I avoid her question and for some reason answer her by saying that i’m looking for my father, Sirius, and tell her I’ve been looking everywhere for him. She takes my answer as totally logical to her question and aplogizes for being so quick to judge. We talk and become friends, but once we get to the exit of the stairs, back to the school hallway, I want to invite her to my party, but a white knight appears and grabs me. He claims that I’m needed at the party because the next chapter in the story can’t go on without me. Confused, I leave the girl, hoping to return to her later, but I never see her again.

Returning to the party (which has now shifted to a totally different room in the school- the cafateria) I see a bunch of dementors soaring everywhere, killing all the guests (I.e. rabbis). Freaked out, I begin to hide for cover. I see a long red curtain near the wall and decide to hide behind it. Once I do, I see Hermione Granger inside, she looks at me angrily, “Harry! SHH! Where have you been?” Suddenly, my identity is fused with Harry Potter and I respond angrily, “I was looking for Sirius! I have no idea where he went!” But Hermione is too angry to hear me and she disappears in a flash, reappearing on the other side of the curtain, throwing curses everywhere she turns. She appears back behind the curtain magically and replies, “Listen, Harry, we can’t fend them off much longer, I don’t think you should worry about Sirius right now-” the curtain disappears and all the dementors have now surounded us. Near to death, I’m so scared I want to cry out, but suddenly the dementors tear off their hoods and scream, “SURPRISE!” and under their hoods are all the rabbis… They all laugh and take off their costumes and go back to eating. Horrified, and confused, I turn to Hermione, who’s identity has now fused with my cousin. I decide to tell Hermione about the white knight that approached me earlier, “He said something about, ‘going on with the next chapter'”. What does that mean?” Hermione/my cousin looks at me a little worried and replies, “Well, we do live in a novel you know, so we work by chapters, only the chapters can’t continue without certain elements or characters. Apparently most of the chapters can’t continue without you, since it’s your Bat mitzvah,” she said in a matter-of-fact way. I looked at her, ready to cry, now more myself than as Harry, “Isn’t there a way I can skip to the chapter to find Sirius?” I ask. Hermione, looking terrified, replied, “Harry, you’d be breaking so many laws of scientific logic! No one’s ever skipped to a chapter before…it doesn’t work, you need to know what happens that leads up to that chapter, otherwise nothing will make sense,” she says, still scared that I even mentioned the idea. But I’m so worked up that I convince Hermione that nothing in this novel has so far made any sense to me and that Sirius is more important to me than the stupid chapters anyway. “Where’s the next chapter?” I demand. Hermione points uneasily to a wall behind me.


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