#31 Pt. 3: “He looked insane and out of his mind…”

Turning, I see a wooden wall. On top of this wall is a kind of shelf where our school keeps all it’s trophies. But in the dream, it was like I finally understood the true purpose of that wall…I walk up to it and lift the wood, which is actually now a curtain and easy to lift. Under this curtain the scene completely changes. We don’t skip a chapter ahead. I can somehow sense we’re at the end of the novel. This room is pitch black. But I hear a thunderous roar of cheers of an audience that would amount to a stadium at a baseball game. I look around, and can see I’m in one of those Dome shaped stadiums (the ones you’d see in Rome or Greece). Only I was at the top, and the stage was miles below me. Now as Harry Potter, I soon find out that everyone in the audience is a Slytherin. I begin to run down the miles and miles of stairs, with Hermione trailing behind me (and I think Ron as well, who somehow slipped into the scene naturally). The three of us ran until we finally came to the stage. The Joker from Batman had a wand and was doing torture spells on Sirius. Who now, no longer looked handsome and happy, but corpse-like, pale, sick and wearing rags. He looked insane and out of his mind, he held a beer bottle in his hand and looked like his mind had been ripped from him. Screaming, I run on stage, now as myself and not Harry. The Joker laughs and shoots a spell at me. I go flying back into the front row of the audience. Angrily, I draw my wand and try to curse him, but he takes my wand. Hermione tries to do the same. Somehow, the joker levitates us and makes us sing the ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider‘ and ‘Mary had a Little Lamb‘. Hermione is finally able to shoot a curse at him and we fall to the ground. I immediately run to Serious, who’s body hides behind a red curtain. Drawing it back, I see he’s dead. Furious, I somehow manage to create an explosion without my wand that is so powerful, the entire first ten rows or so are blown to smithereens. Snape, who was in the front row, looks horrified at me, I turn to him in disgust and cry, “YOU! DUMBLEDORE TRUSTED YOU!” and he looks at me, shaking his head, terrified and pale, trying to deny my accusation and runs off. I begin to set the entire place on fire from my anger and everyone is running, terrified, yet some are laughing at me. Hermione screams for me to stop, so does Ron, But I ignore them. I stop and run up the millions of stairs, whizzing passed rich arrogant Slytherins laughing at me.

“Harry stop! Stop!”

but I kept running.

This keeps repeating faster and faster until I find a ladder. It’s made out of a conch shell, twisting itself into  a much larger body, where there seems to be a club house held in the main body of the shell. I climb the ladder, and to my great dismay, see my grade of girls sitting in a circle. giggling, laughing, painting nails and gossiping. I feel awkward and uncomfortable and sit next to a quiet girl I know. A conch is blown, I look up and see Percy Weasley (Ron’s older brother), who says, “Welcome to the Bat Mitzvah club, girls”

I have no idea what this dream means, but it was really awesome when I went through it.


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  1. that’s the craziest dream I have ever read, awesome though, I bet you were just caught up with all the books you were reading at the time haha

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