#33: “…he is the Werewolf Prince.”

Note included with the dreamer’s submission: I don’t know if you’ve ever had a dream that seemed to last for years but I did, just recently.  I imagine that it was partially spawned from reading a fantasy book too close to falling asleep.  Anyway, here goes.
I am walking in the woods with some friends, when I hear someone call my name.  Startled, I turn in the direction the voice came from but I don’t see anyone there.  However, when I turn back to my friends, they are gone.  Thinking that they are just playing a prank, I shake my head in annoyance and go off in search of them.  Hours go by and I still can’t find them.  It starts to snow and I begin to get anxious.  Wrapping my coat around me, I try to make my way through what soon becomes a blizzard.  Before long, I hear what is undoubtedly the deep growls of wolves.  I panic and begin to run but a large wolf jumps at me before I can, knocking me into the snow.  Not far behind him are three more wolves.  They surround me and I pick up a large branch to fend them off.  Just as the large one pins me to the ground and I am sure that I am going to die, I hear a voice.  The voice commands the wolves to leave me be.  Despite how absurd I find it, the wolves release me.  I sit up to see a boy about 17, offering me his hand.  I ignore the gesture and get up myself, determined to walk on alone.  However, I twisted my ankle in the struggle and it is painful to keep going.  I fall in the snow.  The boy, who reveals his name to be Devan, carries me the rest of the way to a lodge where he takes care of me.  It isn’t until the a week later that I find out what is going on.  I wake up and see Devan sitting in the room.  He doesn’t realize I am awake yet so I pretend I am still asleep.  At once, the door opens and a wolf enters.  I hold my breath, terrified.  Instantly, the wolf turns into a man and boys at the boys feet.  They talk in low voices for a few moments before the man exits the room.  Furious and a little off my rocker, I sit up and bed and throw the covers aside. I demand to know what the hell is going on.  He insists I calm down before he explains anything. It takes a while but I finally comply.  He then proceeds to explain that he is the Werewolf Prince. Normally, I would scoff at the idea but the proof already had presented itself so I nodded.  It was then that he kissed me.  Now, I was suddenly presented with a mixture of emotions.  One, pure bliss, for I had found myself falling for him in the week we’d been together.  But also, confusion.  I knew there was something he wasn’t saying.  Where was this coming from?  I push him away and ask just that.  Ashamed, he answered that he needed a mate in order to claim the throne and keep the bloodline of his pack alive.  Angry and feeling lied to, I insist on going home.  He takes me there but continues to court me.  I express my frustrations to my mother, leaving out the whole werewolf/mate angle.  She tells me to let him down easy.  However, in the weeks that follow, I find myself falling for Devan all over again.  One day, we find ourselves making out on my bed.  It is then that my mother enters.  The peculiar thing is that she’s not upset about the fact I have a boy in my bed but that she thinks I am leading him on.  I run after her and explain that I am not.  I have developed feelings for him.  She seems unconvinced but leaves that unsaid.  As I said, the dream seemed to go on for years, as Devan transforms me into a werewolf and we, together, save the pack.  I continued to dream in abstract, merely highlighting events in our lives after that.  When I woke up, I really felt as though I was saying good bye to good friends and a wonderful life.  I fell in love with Devan in the dream and even now, I can’t get him out of my head.  Is it possible to love someone who exists only in your mind?


Illustration by Scott Donaldson.


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