#34: “I’m at the end of my little path.”

I’ve been having this dream during the more stressful times in my life since way back. I think the first time I dreamed this, I couldn’t have been older than five.

It starts out, I’m not really solid. I don’t really have a form. I’m just kind of floating, just some sort of wispy mass, in a clear sort of meadow. But then, something akin to lines begin to form around me, boxing me in, forcing me to shrink in order to stay in my clear patch. I know that if I touch the lines, something horrible is going to happen. The lines, gradually at first, then rapidly begin to darken, and tangle, and interweave. They are forcing me down through a sort of path in the bright meadow, chasing me. Eventually I’m forced into a corner where the lines had crossed. I’m at the end of my little path. I can feel myself stretching out, in a vain effort to keep the dark mass of lines from touching me. I’m overrun with these horribly real feelings of terror and anxiety – the kind that makes your muscles clench and your stomach churn and a cold sweat to break out all over your body. I’m being squished into this corner. I can’t stretch any farther, so I feel myself curling in upon myself, balling up, trying to hide. And then I wake up sweating, shaking, and terrified.


Illustration by Scott Donaldson.


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