#54: “I woke up minutes later feeling foolish for sleeping on a sidewalk”

I was in a very strange place that I did not recognize but it seemed somewhat familiar. I was alone laying on top of a hill just thinking and feeling strangely sad. I decided it was very late and I should walk home, but only halfway there I decided that I should lay down and just take a quick nap because I was exhausted from walking. I woke up just minutes later feeling foolish for sleeping on a sidewalk. But then I realized that there was a car coming down the road. I tried and tried to get up but my limbs wouldn’t move. I felt so desparate and so sad and I couldn’t move an inch. I can distinctly remember the tires getting closer and closer to my face, my fear growing and my heart beating violently in my chest. Then just as I was about to be squashed beneath the tires i woke up.


#53: “I started fighting a dinosaur and ended up swinging from a chandelier…”

There’s an old folks home behind my house but in my dream it was a giant cave. There was a big group of teenage boys running down my road, over cars and through gardens. They ran past my house and i started running with them into the big cave, where we all became on a mission to find the ‘Avatar’. I started fighting a dinosaur and ended up swinging from a chandelier, hitting it with a mobile phone charger. It begged me to stop trying to kill it and convinced me it was a nice dinosaur so I made friends with it and we ran outside then started playing cards.

#52: “…I saw I was pregnant.”

I had a dream where my friend was getting married and while people were setting up for her wedding I was trying on my own wedding dress and it was really really short. Then, as I was trying on my dress my other friends were trying to put out a fire at a barn. We all ended up at my friend’s wedding, but while everyone was dressed up me and my three other friends were in shorts and t-shirts. After the wedding I saw I was pregnant. I didn’t know if I was really pregnant, or if I was an actress wearing a pregnancy belt.

We’re off for the holidays. We’ll be back Monday, December 29th. Happy holidays!

#51 “I went to bed and the world ended.”

It must have been in the future because I had my own place. I went to bed and the world ended. Just like that, no warnings, no crying or frantic news reporters on tv, no riots or anything. Everything was gone, no trees, no life. But somehow I was susceptible to whatever destroyed everything. So I was planning on living all by myself. No words can describe how this felt. But then these people in a Jeep came to pick me up and they helped me out of my house. They seemed to know that everything was going to happen, and they took me to live with them.

#50 “I couldn’t make out his face”

It was my wedding day. I stood in my beautiful wedding gown, outside the church. Myself, my maid of honor, bridesmaids, everyone. We stood doing pictures. I was soon joined by the groom and his group. I looked upon his face but the only thing I could make out was his eyes. I couldn’t make out his face, like it was too out of focus, but I knew I loved this man and he loved me. Next thing I know, I’m at a friend’s house, we were drinking coffee. It was a month or so after I was married. We were talking and she asked how I and my husband were doing. When she would say his name however, it was like someone had put her voice on mute. I couldn’t hear his name. I asked her to repeat herself and it happened again. Later, I was talking to my mom on the phone and the same thing happened.

I honestly to this day, cannot figure out how this dream came to me, nor what it really means.

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