#55: Part 1 of 3 “Your mouth is sensuous”

Note from the dreamer, included in the submission : this is a super long dream, I know, and I only woke up once in the middle of it, but otherwise it was continuous…And it’s kind of personal, but it’s one of the longest dreams I’ve had in about 3 years so I though I’d share it.

In the beginning of the dream, I am watching a group of three people (one woman, two men) sitting in a darkened room watching either Saw IV or another horror movie about forcing people to kill themselves. I see them from in front of the T.V. and from behind them so that I can see the screen. I get the feeling that they themselves are being watched (by someone other than me) as they watch and are increasingly horrified by the film.

Then I am up in the dorms of my college, in one of the rooms (I think it’s actually my neighbor’s room, but in the dream it’s mine) organizing things, packing things up, and folding clothes with one of my friends, moving around the room as I do so. Each time I move to a different spot in the room, the beds are in a different place: When I am near the door, one bed sticks out into the room while another is against the wall, then when I am by the window, there is only one large double bed in the room, and then when I move back towards the sink (near the door) there is a single twin bed blocking the door.

I go to stand by the window, which is huge and has the blinds drawn all the way to the side to let the most light in, even though it’s night. Contradictorily, when I look outside, it is very light (even at night) and there is a thunder, lightning, and rain storm going on. I look up into the sky and I can see three layers of clouds, all moving very fast and in different directions. From the window, I can see down to Alameda (which seems to be on a dike, protecting San Leandro and San Lorenzo from the Bay). I find myself being very worried about the weather because I left a fake Christmas tree outside and I’m worried that it will get wet and not work.

While I’m worrying about the rain and packing things up (I think I’m going home from school), my friend keeps saying how she wants to go back downstairs to watch the scary movie, which distresses me even more, and I am even more upset because I REALLY don’t want to watch horror films. Then I start crying and she hugs me, trying to comfort me, and my head is under her chin. Then she says something like “Your mouth is sensuous” (I guess because I was pouting and my lips were pushed out…?) and I cuddle closer to her. My p.o.v. flips back and forth between seeing us both in the mirror to seeing me in front of her.

While hugging me, she smiles and starts to pull me down to the floor (this is when the bed is in front of the door) and somehow manages to take my underwear off (because I wasn’t wearing any pants?) while kissing me. I kiss her back but then I say “Wait, hold on, I don’t know what we’re doing. I mean, I do want to figure out if I like you. No wait, I know I that like you. I know that I love you, but I don’t want to go that far right now.” She smiles again and goes to kiss me again, and then the dream changes.


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