#59: “Judas’s eyes…”

A dream just full of Judas. He was everywhere. All up in my face and my headspace. I was sitting on my bed with the back facing the door and he came up behind me and rested his chin on my shoulder. I can feel him just in general around me, but in this dream… God, it was so vivid, like my senses were alive. He owes me an apology and he did apologise in the dream and rather than fight it, i just shrugged and accepted it. I had a baby or I was pregnant but I never saw the baby. But I knew she was around. It then hopped to me sitting on a train, moving a a snails pace and seeing Judas running towards the train. He was jumping tracks and trying to get to the train… Trying to get to me.


I then drove somewhere- I don’t drive in waking life. I parked in a made-up car space, left the keys in the car and the car unlocked. I watched the windows de-fog and saw my best friends face reflected in the rear view.


Two fella’s I worked with then came into my dream. They were walking around a yard with prehistoric birds or something like that, how I imagine the dodo to have been. I remember calling my best friend to get off the phone and check these creatures out.


Then I flashed back to the car and when I turned and looked in the back seat, there was my baby. Blonde hair, olive skin and unmistakeable eyes. Judas’s eyes, like someone had popped them fair out of his head and put them in hers.


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