#61: “The bamboo stretched for miles…”

Last night I had a dream that I was in Japan and everything was overcast in a strange hue of green. I was beside an ocean that looked small and dirty. I guess the sand under the water wasn’t good for walking on because someone had taken the time to take several sheets of bamboo and lay it under the water for people to walk on. The bamboo stretched for miles so I started walking down it. There were people randomly, just standing here and there, not saying anything, just looking at the water. Out of nowhere a huge gust of wind blows in and two miniture orcas, about the size of beer bottles, blow out of the water and into the sand. I ran over and grabbed them and walked back into the water to help them out, but the wind had picked up and I had to walk even further out to beat the breaking waves. By the time I felt I had walked far enough to let them go, some guy I had never seen before was behind me and said something to me, but I don’t remember what was said. I turned around and the water had turned into a stairwell that led down into someone’s basement. It was well lit and not very scary looking so I took the orcas down the stairs. By the time Ireached the bottom the whales had become full size again and there was a huge pool that they lived in down there. Then I woke up.


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