#62: “We wanted to make it more chicken-like.”

Simon Gallup and I were driving around in a small car together. We were looking for a craft store to buy something to use for feathers on a chicken-shaped balloon that we had. We wanted to make it more chicken-like. We found some kind of feathery stuff to glue on the balloon. I remember that Simon was being very silly and we were laughing a lot. We took the chicken back to the hotel that he was staying at. I was nervous because I knew that Robert Smith would be there. He was. Simon introduced us while holding our balloon chicken. Robert humored him and said something generally positive about the chicken. I was speechless in Robert’s presence and this amused him somewhat. He touched me more than was necessary while talking to me and I remember thinking that he was doing this because he knew how it unnerved and excited me so. I felt breathless. At one point he told me he’d show me a trick. He placed his hand gently over my closed eyes and pressed. He held his hand there for a few moments telling me to relax. Then he removed his hand and told me to slowly open my eyes. When I did I saw some kind of ancient and unrecognizable script floating before me. I was amazed and said, “Oh, wow… How did you do that?!” Robert and Simon laughed. I don’t remember much about the rest of the dream, but I knew it ended sadly when they left unexpectedly without saying goodbye to me.


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