#79: “I know that they are all going to die…”

I’m on a train that has two levels. Nobody has assigned seats, and everyone is wandering around the two floors and various compartments. Behind me, I hear people coughing. I keep on walking around, aimlessly, and the coughing gets louder. More and more people are coughing. I know that they are all going to die of some sickness. I want to get off the train so I don’t get infected. I jump out a window as it nears a platform, and land safely.

But everyone on the train followed me.


#78: “I’m pretty sure I wasn’t a pitcher…”

I was playing baseball on what seemed to be the Philadelphia Phillies (at least I know the uniforms were red, so it could have also been the Reds, but the uniforms looked a lot like those of the Phillies) but for some reason Mike Cameron was on my team. We were talking, and he said he already had 75 home runs in 95 games. I was blown away, and I said he had a good chance of beating the (fake) record of 90 home runs in a season by Mickey Mantle (who never held the single season record).

We decided to take batting practice even though there wasn’t a game that day. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t a pitcher, but I went through a system of green hallways that were about 12 inches wide but about 30 feet tall to the bullpen. Every time I opened one of the 20 doors it took to get to the pen, a light turned on in the next hallway. I fell once, and because the hallway was so narrow, I had to bend my back awkwardly and painfully to get up. After about 1000 feet of doors and narrow twists, I finally got to the pen.

When I opened the door, a bright light flashed at me that temporarily blinded me. I wasn’t scared, because I recognized this as the security system. Every time someone opened the door to the pen, a picture was taken of you so if anyone tried to steal anything in the middle of the night their picture would be taken. I know of nothing like this in the MLB, but it sounded logical enough. I then realized that I had lost my shoe somewhere along the hallways, and realized I had to go back and get it. I woke up frustrated and having to pee.

#77: “…I knew exactly what was going to happen…”

I found myself near the ocean shore in a very crowded city. The buildings went right up to the water, and moving away from the water, everything rose very steeply. The roads slanted upwards, and there were even escalators in place of regular sidewalks so that people could go up and down more quickly. At the water, a wave of lava began rising and people started panicking. Everyone tried to ascend the escalators to get out of its reach. I, luckily, managed to escape.

Then, later on in the day, I returned to my place earlier that morning. It was the same day, and nobody had any recollection of it except for me. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, I knew exactly what was going to happen, and was able to grab my friends, warn them of the impending lava, and escape with them to safety.

#76: “…it’s the high school buddy’s girlfriend…”

So, I haven’t had a really memorable dream in a while, but this one was really, really weird. I was at this get-together with some people, old friends from high school. We got together to watch some movie. There were these two sketchy-looking tables blocking my view of the screen but I didn’t care. On the other side of the tables was my roommate, and high school buddy. Suddenly, someone grabs me from behind in a very tender fashion. I turn around to see who it is, and it’s the high school buddy’s girlfriend (who incidentally is my most recent ex-girlfriend). I don’t know what to do. Her boyfriend spots us. She tries to kiss me, and misses. Her boyfriend laughs and says, “Looks like she rolled a 7!” in reference to D&D. She then turns to me and says, “why don’t you just take 20?” another D&D reference. She and I then leave into another room and make out and fool around. Then I’m transported to some mansion in California where the Theater Department of my school is having a party. I then get in a Rolls-Royce and drive after one of the seniors. I pull over because other people are following me, and get out of the car to discover that I am in Eastham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, and it’s low tide. I scream “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING IN CAPE COD?!” and am greeted by my mother, her sister, and my grandmother, who tell me to watch my language. Then I wake up.

Rolls RoyceIllustration by Scott Donaldson.

#75: “She is NOT spending the night”

Last night I had a very odd dream. I dreamed that I broke up with my current boyfriend (who I live with, I’m a college student) for his best friend, whom I know. I was dating him for a while and went over to his place to hang out. We were hanging out for a while, and were in his bedroom. He left the room for a little while and I heard his mom yell from the other room, “She is NOT spending the night.” I got very angry at her and stormed out of their house. That is when I realized that he wasn’t the one for me, and I walked all the way back to my old place to beg my ex for forgiveness, and to beg him to take me back. Along the way somehow I came across a baseball diamond, which appeared to be part of a movie set. I don’t know how this was at all related to what was happening in the dream, but the guy whose house I had just left came after me, and that is when I woke up.

#74: “…It bit me and I was angry.”

I had this dream that my best friend had a pet alligator that was small enough to fit in her arms. Then it bit me and I was angry. All in the same night I had a dream that my high school had a water park.  Some guy pushed me down the slide and he went down with me. It was against the rules to go down the slide with two people, so I got in trouble. Later, I was doing backflips flawlessly on the deck of the pool for no apparent reason. I woke up the next morning wondering why I had this dream and I really wanted to try doing backflips.

#73: “I proceeded to projectile vomit…”

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was stranded in Montreal, Canada. I had to figure out the bus system to get to my unknown destination. The buses were all double decker. I decided to try out a random route and see where it took me. The upper level made me extremely nauseated, so I had to ask the driver to stop in the middle of an intersection so I could exit the bus. I proceeded to projectile vomit all over the pavement, spraying some on a small stray dog passing by. The sun set faster than all hell and soon I was walking alone with my luggage. I entered a ghetto area before reaching the downtown. Everyone was sleeping on the front lawns. I called out for help but no one woke up. I kept yelling WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! ALL OF YOU WAKE UP!! My dream ended abruptly when I woke up in a sweat. I never want to go to Montreal.

In Montreal

Illustration by Scott Donaldson.

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