#76: “…it’s the high school buddy’s girlfriend…”

So, I haven’t had a really memorable dream in a while, but this one was really, really weird. I was at this get-together with some people, old friends from high school. We got together to watch some movie. There were these two sketchy-looking tables blocking my view of the screen but I didn’t care. On the other side of the tables was my roommate, and high school buddy. Suddenly, someone grabs me from behind in a very tender fashion. I turn around to see who it is, and it’s the high school buddy’s girlfriend (who incidentally is my most recent ex-girlfriend). I don’t know what to do. Her boyfriend spots us. She tries to kiss me, and misses. Her boyfriend laughs and says, “Looks like she rolled a 7!” in reference to D&D. She then turns to me and says, “why don’t you just take 20?” another D&D reference. She and I then leave into another room and make out and fool around. Then I’m transported to some mansion in California where the Theater Department of my school is having a party. I then get in a Rolls-Royce and drive after one of the seniors. I pull over because other people are following me, and get out of the car to discover that I am in Eastham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, and it’s low tide. I scream “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING IN CAPE COD?!” and am greeted by my mother, her sister, and my grandmother, who tell me to watch my language. Then I wake up.

Rolls RoyceIllustration by Scott Donaldson.


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