#82: “They were so happy to be free…”

I was on a cliff over a city. I could see every part of the city perfectly even though it was far away. I jumped off the cliff and started gliding down to a highway over the water. On the highway there were train tracks where this girl and guy were caught in the wires and couldn’t get out. People were on the side of the road, watching them struggle apathetically. A train was on it’s way so I had to help them get untangled. They were so happy to be free that they ran over to the side where the people cheered. But then my arm and leg were stuck in the wire. I saw the train lights coming down the highway and I looked over at the people and they were watching me apathetically, even the couple I saved. I tried asking for help but none could hear me. I looked down and saw that there was no concrete under the tracks. Just the water. I was trapped in the wires and I couldn’t do anything but watch the water as the train came closer. Just as I saw the lights reflected brightly off the water I woke up.


#81: “I contemplated running, but decided to stay and apologize profusely.”

I was in the changing room for a pool, which apparently happened to be in a mall. In this changing room as well were a girl I liked and some guy she was with. I was too busy spying on them as I walked out of the changing room to notice that I forgot to put on my swim trunks. By the time I realized it, I was out in the middle of the mall. I quickly realized it and started running. I ran smack dab into the stand of a conductor who’s orchestra was playing, the stand knocking the first violinist. I contemplated running, but decided to stay and apologize profusely. I explained, still cupping my balls so no one saw them, to some old lady with a microphone in interview-style that I was so sorry and that the only reason I was running was not because I was streaking, but because I forgot my swim trunks in the change room. The crowd laughed and was very forgiving. The violinist was revived at this point, but there was vomit all around her mouth. The lady with the microphone told me to hug this really geeky, vomitty girl, which I felt obligated to do. Then I said the obligatory “I’ll do anything to make it up to you”. Her eyes lit up and she told me to buy her some piece of sheet music. That’s when the dream ended.

#80: “…I could do nothing but squish as many as possible with my bare feet.”

I woke up in a room. There were no doors. There were no windows. The room was like a perfect box with absolutely nothing in it but a small hole in each wall at eye level. There was light. It wasn’t pitch black dark, even though there was no light source.

I walked over to one of the small holes and peeked inside. I saw something moving. Suddenly, these disgusting, weird alien-like bugs started to crawl out of the hole. Then they started to pour. They were filling up the room at a rapid rate and I could do nothing but squish as many as possible with my bare feet. The bugs started to climb up my body, and that’s when I noticed I wasn’t wearing any clothing. Each bug I squished splattered into vibrant colors like blotches of paint. When I couldn’t squish them any longer, the bugs and paint guts had filled up just above my knee and it was like standing in concrete. I was frozen, trying to move but I couldn’t do anything. I was forcing so hard, with all my strength but there was none there. I was weak and about to be eaten by these bugs. Then I woke up. I have this dream a few times a year.

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