#80: “…I could do nothing but squish as many as possible with my bare feet.”

I woke up in a room. There were no doors. There were no windows. The room was like a perfect box with absolutely nothing in it but a small hole in each wall at eye level. There was light. It wasn’t pitch black dark, even though there was no light source.

I walked over to one of the small holes and peeked inside. I saw something moving. Suddenly, these disgusting, weird alien-like bugs started to crawl out of the hole. Then they started to pour. They were filling up the room at a rapid rate and I could do nothing but squish as many as possible with my bare feet. The bugs started to climb up my body, and that’s when I noticed I wasn’t wearing any clothing. Each bug I squished splattered into vibrant colors like blotches of paint. When I couldn’t squish them any longer, the bugs and paint guts had filled up just above my knee and it was like standing in concrete. I was frozen, trying to move but I couldn’t do anything. I was forcing so hard, with all my strength but there was none there. I was weak and about to be eaten by these bugs. Then I woke up. I have this dream a few times a year.


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  1. Hey,
    i was just reading your story and i have a dream like that just a little different! My holes are on the bottom of the wall! And when i go and peek inside it sucks me in… And when i come out on the other side i´m in water, a swimming pool or something! Anyways there is this one little mouse, and when i go to touch the mouse there is another one coming and so on and so on! Then there are so much that i get afraid of it. So i start to squish them with my hands! And the same thing happens with the Color! But the weird thing is that i´m the whole time in the water!

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