#85: “It was like he knew what I had done.”

I had a dream my partner bought me a budgie. When he gave me the bird, he handed it to me in a plastic bag. It was lying on it’s back in the bag and unlike an actual budgie, it was 10 times larger than what a normal budgie would be. It was purple and I pulled it from the bag and had it sitting on my shoulder. Every time I looked at it, it tried to bite me. First it was my fingers then it was my face. It was constantly in my face, I could see the beak coming at me all the time. Then the dream jumped to me walking down a tiled corridor and coming across some kittens. The father cat was there but no mother. All the kittens were really healthy except for one ginger cat that had something terribly wrong with it’s eyes. They were weeping and spinning in there sockets. I took with me the healthy kittens and left the sick one behind. I went to my partner with them and he asked me what I had done with the sick one. It was like he knew what I had done. I told him that it was sick and it didn’t matter cause it was gonna die.


#84: “…I was convinced I had rid the world of a menace. Turns out I was wrong.”


I was watering my lawn when all of a sudden I heard a noise from in my garage. My car (an SUV in this dream) was starting. Apparently, I lived alone, because I instantly knew someone was stealing it. I had another car, and this one was remote-controlled. A full-size remote-controlled car. I guess I must have been under the impression that I could get insurance off of both cars, or I knew this guy was going to do something really bad with my SUV, because I crashed the other car into the garage in an attempt to kill the dude. This was all without seeing him.

Well, there was a huge explosion and I was convinced I had rid the world of this menace. Turns out I was wrong. Dude walked out of the fireball, in a suit and Ronald Reagan mask like in Point Break. Except he didn’t have a big gun. He pulled out a ninja star and threw it at me. He hit me, I don’t know where, but I fell to the ground. Just before I passed out, He pulled out another ninja star saying, “This is my surgical ninja star”.

I woke up paranoid, but I had all my body parts.

DoPYWNM returns September 9

Guess what! Over the summer I was lazy and didn’t keep up with the site. Guess what else! People still kept sending me dreams. Pat yourselves on the back. So this Wednesday, September 9, Dreams of People You Will Never Meet will return! That hole in your life that was missing which you couldn’t put your finger on? It’ll be gone!

So, we’ve got quite a few dreams in the vault, but as always, I encourage you to keep sending them in. I’m pretty sure I’ve never turned one away, so it’s pretty much a sure thing your dream will get up there eventually. We know, we’re easy.

Anyway, Scott Donaldson as always is our illustrator, and let me tell you, he’s honed his skills pretty well. If you want to keep up with his work on and outside of the blog, check out http://scottdonaldson.wordpress.com/. It’s really starting to get hard to keep him from getting a huge head about it really, as he keeps demanding a multi-million dollar contract. I pay him a ham sandwich every once in a while. Screw that guy.

Finally, I must announce that the site will now have a new post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It’s a sad decision, but Scott and I are getting busier everyday thanks to the fame that this site has brought us. Scott just got an offer to become Pauly Shore’s personal portraitist, while I am being paid by Michel Gondry to sleep for 22 hours a day so I can dream up amazing dreams for movie ideas.

Thanks for your loyalty, dreamers.


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