DoPYWNM returns September 9

Guess what! Over the summer I was lazy and didn’t keep up with the site. Guess what else! People still kept sending me dreams. Pat yourselves on the back. So this Wednesday, September 9, Dreams of People You Will Never Meet will return! That hole in your life that was missing which you couldn’t put your finger on? It’ll be gone!

So, we’ve got quite a few dreams in the vault, but as always, I encourage you to keep sending them in. I’m pretty sure I’ve never turned one away, so it’s pretty much a sure thing your dream will get up there eventually. We know, we’re easy.

Anyway, Scott Donaldson as always is our illustrator, and let me tell you, he’s honed his skills pretty well. If you want to keep up with his work on and outside of the blog, check out It’s really starting to get hard to keep him from getting a huge head about it really, as he keeps demanding a multi-million dollar contract. I pay him a ham sandwich every once in a while. Screw that guy.

Finally, I must announce that the site will now have a new post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It’s a sad decision, but Scott and I are getting busier everyday thanks to the fame that this site has brought us. Scott just got an offer to become Pauly Shore’s personal portraitist, while I am being paid by Michel Gondry to sleep for 22 hours a day so I can dream up amazing dreams for movie ideas.

Thanks for your loyalty, dreamers.



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  • About DoPYWNM

    Please submit your dreams on the "Submit Your Dreams" page in the comment section. It won't show up, it will just be sent to us. We won't see your e-mail address, and you don't have to include your name. Or, send them to
  • This blog is an experiment. When I wake up, I immediately write down what I've dreamed, as humans lose memory of most of their dreams within the first minutes of alertness. After doing this for a couple of months, I was left with a very interesting compilation. Rather than publish all of these, I decided it would be more interesting to compile those of many people.
  • Any information that you choose to include is your decision. It is not the responsibility of the blog if your friends figure out whose dream it was. The posts will be anonymous whether you wish your name to be included or not. If you are going to send an e-mail, it would help if you entitle it "Dream". The blog may add links within the text of your e-mail to help people visualize, especially if there is an obscure reference. Scott Donaldson will illustrate select dreams.
  • Tell all your friends! The more people we get in on the experiment, the cooler it will turn out. Once again, submit on the "Submit Your Dreams" page, or the e-mail address to send your dreams to is, or you may submit them on the "Submit Your Dreams" page.
  • -T.J.
  • Submit Your Dreams

    Submit them in the comments section of the "Submit Your Dreams" page. Don't worry, we can't see your e-mail address, and you don't have to leave your name. Or, e-mail dreams to