#85: “It was like he knew what I had done.”

I had a dream my partner bought me a budgie. When he gave me the bird, he handed it to me in a plastic bag. It was lying on it’s back in the bag and unlike an actual budgie, it was 10 times larger than what a normal budgie would be. It was purple and I pulled it from the bag and had it sitting on my shoulder. Every time I looked at it, it tried to bite me. First it was my fingers then it was my face. It was constantly in my face, I could see the beak coming at me all the time. Then the dream jumped to me walking down a tiled corridor and coming across some kittens. The father cat was there but no mother. All the kittens were really healthy except for one ginger cat that had something terribly wrong with it’s eyes. They were weeping and spinning in there sockets. I took with me the healthy kittens and left the sick one behind. I went to my partner with them and he asked me what I had done with the sick one. It was like he knew what I had done. I told him that it was sick and it didn’t matter cause it was gonna die.


#79: “I know that they are all going to die…”

I’m on a train that has two levels. Nobody has assigned seats, and everyone is wandering around the two floors and various compartments. Behind me, I hear people coughing. I keep on walking around, aimlessly, and the coughing gets louder. More and more people are coughing. I know that they are all going to die of some sickness. I want to get off the train so I don’t get infected. I jump out a window as it nears a platform, and land safely.

But everyone on the train followed me.

#69: “…everyone knew the plan.”

Editor’s note: The following dream is slightly violent, but as we know, it’s difficult to control what we dream. We’ve all probably had dreams where we’ve killed or been killed. This is one of those.

I recently had a dream that was particularly strange in my eyes.
I was at my home with my parents, brother, and my ex. My ex came over because he wanted to “talk” about what we had been through. But he couldn’t stay long. So we were talking and someone knocked me unconscious. I woke up in my bed next to my cell phone. I looked around and my ex was nowhere to be found. So I tried calling him on my cell phone and it was static and wouldn’t dial the numbers. So then I finally got a hold of him and asked why he didn’t say, “goodbye.”
He told me to go over to my grandparents’ house and he would explain everything. So I went over there and there was a group of my friends. They decided that we should go for a walk on my grandparents’ property. We met a group of people that my one friend said she knew. So, she invited them and asked if they could stay for a few days. They were unpacking in the guest bedrooms when I over heard them talking about how the plan was underway. The plan was to kill everyone of us quickly. So they started to drill holes into the walls so they could hear us.
The next morning they pulled us into the basement and locked the door. They said that if any of us were planning to escape that they would kill us. So everyone knew the plan. I had made a hiding doorway when I was a child, in the room the girls were staying in. I had become the leader of trying to get the heck out of there.
We couldn’t just just into one of the cars and leave because they were guarding the cars. So we devised a plan that instead of being assassinated we were gonna be the assassins. And one by one we slowly were making our goal. Then the assassins knew that I was the one in charge of this. I was put into a truck tied up with a caged dog next to me and a guy was driving us to Chicago to do away with me. However, it ended up that I killed him with some kind of rag. I drove back to the house because I had promised to come back for them. Slowly we started killing our captors one by one with out them knowing I was back. Finally, I only had to kill one more girl and we would be free. but she had shocked me and I was immobilized. I was able to kill her with one shot in the back of the head. Everyone left me in the home immobilized after they knew they were free. Then, my ex came up to me and said that they were all in on it. Then he shot me in the temple.
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