#89 “I hit every move perfectly…”

I was in a long line, and people were nervous. There was constant chatter. People were saying things like “He probably judges so hard”, and “I didn’t even see him”. I was the last one in line, and I was wearing slippers. After a long wait, everyone had left and at the end of the line was a lady sitting in a chair, and a bright blue vintage car right next to her. But I realized the car wasn’t vintage, the year was 1981. She got up, and started to dance. And I followed. Still dancing, she led me over to the car and hopped on top of it continuing to dance. I realized that this was an audition, for “the girlfriend” in a music video. I hit every move perfectly, and while still following her dance moves on top of the car a light caught the corner of my eye. There was a door, and past that door was a man. He had people surrounding him, they were putting his jacket on for him. Suddenly he walked out. The lady got on top of the car, and told me to wait for him, because she wanted to see how I’d react, if i was ready for the role. I laid there on top of the car, only to have a young, African American man jump on top of the car. He held my hand. He told me he was working on his new album, Thriller, and that he had just found the perfect girl for the music video. I woke up.


by Scott Donaldson Illustration by Scott Donaldson


#76: “…it’s the high school buddy’s girlfriend…”

So, I haven’t had a really memorable dream in a while, but this one was really, really weird. I was at this get-together with some people, old friends from high school. We got together to watch some movie. There were these two sketchy-looking tables blocking my view of the screen but I didn’t care. On the other side of the tables was my roommate, and high school buddy. Suddenly, someone grabs me from behind in a very tender fashion. I turn around to see who it is, and it’s the high school buddy’s girlfriend (who incidentally is my most recent ex-girlfriend). I don’t know what to do. Her boyfriend spots us. She tries to kiss me, and misses. Her boyfriend laughs and says, “Looks like she rolled a 7!” in reference to D&D. She then turns to me and says, “why don’t you just take 20?” another D&D reference. She and I then leave into another room and make out and fool around. Then I’m transported to some mansion in California where the Theater Department of my school is having a party. I then get in a Rolls-Royce and drive after one of the seniors. I pull over because other people are following me, and get out of the car to discover that I am in Eastham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, and it’s low tide. I scream “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING IN CAPE COD?!” and am greeted by my mother, her sister, and my grandmother, who tell me to watch my language. Then I wake up.

Rolls RoyceIllustration by Scott Donaldson.

#47: “…he doesn’t know we’re dating.”

I am sitting on the porch with my girlfriends dad (he doesn’t know were dating). He comes out wearing a white tank top, a watch and a cigarette in his hand (he doesn’t smoke). He doesn’t say anything he just sits there… at the same time I could hear my conscience and it is telling me about my life; what I have done and what I have accomplished. While all this is going on I am having a conversation with God.  So basically I am talking to God and he’s telling me all of life’s answers, my conscience is telling me about my life (my conscience doesn’t know I am speaking with God) and I’m sitting there with my girlfriend’s dad….the dream ends when I say “But Why” and my conscience asks who am i talking to… I woke up with shivers down my spine

#45: “I start to try to tell him that I am sorry…”

I dreamed last night that I was at a concert and I was with a good guy friend from high school. He went to a private school and I went to a school on the west coast but we both loved the band (couldnt remember what one it was) and we were singing the songs and yelling them aloud and having a good time.. and then he kisses me and I push him away and start yelling. Another guy sees this and comes over by us and asks my friend if he has a problem and he says no there is no problem. I leave the concert and I’m suddenly in my car driving to his college. Two months have passed and I realized I did have feeling for my guy friend so I guess I was driving to tell him that. I show up on his campus and hes really excited to see me and wants to introduce me to his girlfriend. He calls for her I think her name was Elizabeth and shes walking towards us from the distance. I start to try to tell him that I am sorry and that I did have feelings for him but then his girlfriend gets closer and shes pregnant. I start crying and get in my car and leave.

#30: “We totally kicked her ass…”

Alright, so I had the most kick ass dream. My friend and I were X-Men, he was Cyclops and I was Nightcrawler, and we were battling his girlfriend, who was Jean Gray (AKA the Phoenix). We totally kicked her ass but she somehow had Rogue‘s powers and stole my teleporting powers and then disappeared before we could finish her off. I feel bad for trying to kill my friend’s girlfriend in my dream but she was losing control of her powers and Professor X wasn’t there to trap the phoenix back into her head. BEST DREAM EVER!!!

#22: “…into a nearby bathroom to hide until it was over.”

This dream revolves around my physics class, which is finishing soon. In lab one day, a guy I didn’t know called the professor (we’ll call him “Victor”) out on basically being incompetent. He was shouting at Victor and it got really awkward for everyone nearby, so I snuck out of there and into a nearby bathroom to hide until it was over. I found out that a lot of people, even some who weren’t in my class were also hiding in there. Then Victor came in with a camera, determined to humiliate the people who ran away from his class as revenge. I stood there and smiled for a picture, and my reverse psychology worked: Victor wasn’t mad at me.

We went outside of the building and I saw something on the roof. I jumped up, much higher than I could in real life, and grabbed one. It was a regular winter coat, which I gave to Victor. I jumped again and got a letter jacket from the local high school. I put it on.

Then my girlfriend showed up and Victor accused her of being a drunk. She and I left.

#19: “…it’s so awful that we leave before it even starts.”

My girlfriend wants to take me to a really bad pop concert… can’t remember the band, but imagine every Disney artist that’s ever been conceived and you’ll get the picture. Once we get there, we both decide that it’s so awful that we leave before it even starts. I realize that I left something important inside, and she waits in the car while I go back into the concert to get it. There I run into a girl from middle school who doesn’t recognize me. Without knowing what I forgot or if I retrieved it or not, I go back outside, and my girlfriend is mad at me because she found something of mine called an “anti-blog.” (In real life, she had actually just started a blog… perhaps she was worried that my anti-blog would cancel out her blog?)

To get back on her good side, I prepare her a soup made of chicken broth, noodles, bananas, cucumbers, and grapes.

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