#90 “Somehow I knew the killer robot teacher was coming…”


by Scott Donaldson Illustration by Scott Donaldson

I was working in a school room. I was frantically trying to make sure that everything was tidy in there because if it wasn’t, a robot teacher would come in, destroy the classroom and try to kill me. When I heard her coming I ran away into the corridor. As I ran I could feel myself getting a nose bleed. All the other teachers and assistant walked past but no one noticed me bleeding and I passed out on the floor in the medical room.

I was still unconscious from this nose bleed but I could hear someone talking about sending me home from work and then having an interview when I returned to work. When I regained consciousness I was at home. Somehow I knew that the killer robot teacher was coming to my house and I was clearing it out when my mum came in looking for one of her hats. She looked at one on the end of my bed which was definitely mine and we argued about who the hat belonged to until she hit me and took one that was totally different and that I had never seen before. When I picked up some more hats I noticed that they all had holes in them.

Whilst I was tidying the house, my grandparents decided to visit. They brought along this woman in a wedding dress (in reality I know her, but she’s not related to me and I’ve never actually spoken to her). She was sending a text message to someone about mouse food… The robot teacher suddenly arrived. There were metal fence type things across the windows and she pulled them away and then smashed all of the windows. I couldn’t see her do all of this. I could hear the children from the class I work in reciting what happened like they were reading a story book.


#67: “…Barack Obama was living in my backyard.”

I dreamt that Barack Obama was living in my backyard. We weren’t supposed to know he was living there; It was just supposed to be something my family accepted and didn’t question. But we would always take pictures of him from inside of our house. He would fend for himself and he’d just always be wandering around in our backyard. One day, I finally decided I wanted to go out and talk to him, so I went outside and said hello and asked him if I could get a picture with him. He said of course and he gave me a hug as the picture was taken 🙂 and the best part of it was… in the dream we were all SUPER impressed because he didn’t complain when he got dog poop on his shoes.

President in the BackyardIllustration by Scott Donaldson.

#51 “I went to bed and the world ended.”

It must have been in the future because I had my own place. I went to bed and the world ended. Just like that, no warnings, no crying or frantic news reporters on tv, no riots or anything. Everything was gone, no trees, no life. But somehow I was susceptible to whatever destroyed everything. So I was planning on living all by myself. No words can describe how this felt. But then these people in a Jeep came to pick me up and they helped me out of my house. They seemed to know that everything was going to happen, and they took me to live with them.

#16: “…my role in the ritual is to find and kill the mouse.”

I’m inside my house. I look out the window, and there is a ritualistic dance happening in my driveway. Hundreds of people have crowded there, and one person transforms into a mouse. As I go outside, I realize that my role in the ritual is to find and kill the mouse. I do so with a boot.

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