#86 “…The tall, dark man was standing there watching me.”

I was walking past a hotel made of glass. It was about 10pm, and a tall man with dark hair grabbed me and said “You need to lock up for me tonight.” I said that was fine and followed him in. We walked into a big glass room which stood by itself and it had carpet made from glass. Then the tall man went back to the hotel to go to bed. I walked around taking it all in, looking at the swimming pool and all the guests who were walking around. I was tired so I laid down on the sofa to try and sleep. Just then I realized that I had forgotten to lock up. I got up quickly but there was already a small group of five foreign people who where yelling and complaining.

I got up and the first one asked me about his lay-by extention (…OK). I told him I didn’t know about the lay-by (same as lay-away for people in America :-) ) and he’d have to come back in the morning. The second was a Brazilian lady who was holding a baby and saying she just wanted to be treated like she speaks English as a first language. I just nodded and agreed with her.  “Of course, hon, ” I said although I could barely understand her. Finally I got rid of the crowd and locked up (the key looked a lot like the fitting room keys i have at my real work, lol). Then I went back to the sofa to sleep, as I was very tired by this stage. Then I realized the tall, dark man was standing there watching me. I told him I couldn’t sleep. So then he gave me an MP3 player that played me, like, static white noise that sent me to sleep………………… Then I woke up!!


#25: “All of a sudden lava oozed all around us.”

Pam from the Office and I were sitting in my car in my driveway. All of a sudden the moon started spinning around the sun very quickly. I said “That must be the Earth wobbling on it’s axis. All of a sudden lava oozed all around us. We took off in the car to get to higher ground and lava started raining down on us. We crashed into some fleeing people, and we got out and got on one of their bikes. Pam steered and I sat on the fender of the back tire.

A fat kid ran behind us asking if he could get on, too. Without waiting for the answer he tried to take my spot, so I kept clubbing him with my arm. We finally got to the top of a hill and the lava stopped raining down. The rest of the cast of the Office was there and everyone was swimming in a fountain, tending to their burns from the lava. I told everyone my theory about the earth wobbling on its axis and said the liquid core had probably broken through the mantle, a theory that everyone agreed with and actually earned me some female admirers.

Apparently, we all still had to do office work even though we had to stay at the top of the hill because their was magma at the bottom of it. Michael Scott and I were the only ones who had laptops, and we had car adapters. We got in a large van. Michael said “This is great! We can listen to music and swap MP3’s!” He got out of the van for a second and Pam opened the door and, as if I were Jim, I wispered, “Oh my God, did you hear that? He wants to swap MP3’s.” Pam replied, “I know… I’ll save you. I’ll print out your report so you can work on it by hand and we’ll hang out somewhere else.”

She did this, then we went and sat on the side of the hill. She began eating her lunch, and I had none. Hoping she would give me some of hers, I turned to her and hinted by saying “Doesn’t it always work out that when there is a firestorm your lunch is the first thing to go?”

(Editor’s note: Hmm, a popular TV show, plus a natural disaster, plus witty one liners at the end of the dream. Doesn’t that sound like another dream…)

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