#86 “…The tall, dark man was standing there watching me.”

I was walking past a hotel made of glass. It was about 10pm, and a tall man with dark hair grabbed me and said “You need to lock up for me tonight.” I said that was fine and followed him in. We walked into a big glass room which stood by itself and it had carpet made from glass. Then the tall man went back to the hotel to go to bed. I walked around taking it all in, looking at the swimming pool and all the guests who were walking around. I was tired so I laid down on the sofa to try and sleep. Just then I realized that I had forgotten to lock up. I got up quickly but there was already a small group of five foreign people who where yelling and complaining.

I got up and the first one asked me about his lay-by extention (…OK). I told him I didn’t know about the lay-by (same as lay-away for people in America :-) ) and he’d have to come back in the morning. The second was a Brazilian lady who was holding a baby and saying she just wanted to be treated like she speaks English as a first language. I just nodded and agreed with her.  “Of course, hon, ” I said although I could barely understand her. Finally I got rid of the crowd and locked up (the key looked a lot like the fitting room keys i have at my real work, lol). Then I went back to the sofa to sleep, as I was very tired by this stage. Then I realized the tall, dark man was standing there watching me. I told him I couldn’t sleep. So then he gave me an MP3 player that played me, like, static white noise that sent me to sleep………………… Then I woke up!!


#81: “I contemplated running, but decided to stay and apologize profusely.”

I was in the changing room for a pool, which apparently happened to be in a mall. In this changing room as well were a girl I liked and some guy she was with. I was too busy spying on them as I walked out of the changing room to notice that I forgot to put on my swim trunks. By the time I realized it, I was out in the middle of the mall. I quickly realized it and started running. I ran smack dab into the stand of a conductor who’s orchestra was playing, the stand knocking the first violinist. I contemplated running, but decided to stay and apologize profusely. I explained, still cupping my balls so no one saw them, to some old lady with a microphone in interview-style that I was so sorry and that the only reason I was running was not because I was streaking, but because I forgot my swim trunks in the change room. The crowd laughed and was very forgiving. The violinist was revived at this point, but there was vomit all around her mouth. The lady with the microphone told me to hug this really geeky, vomitty girl, which I felt obligated to do. Then I said the obligatory “I’ll do anything to make it up to you”. Her eyes lit up and she told me to buy her some piece of sheet music. That’s when the dream ended.

#61: “The bamboo stretched for miles…”

Last night I had a dream that I was in Japan and everything was overcast in a strange hue of green. I was beside an ocean that looked small and dirty. I guess the sand under the water wasn’t good for walking on because someone had taken the time to take several sheets of bamboo and lay it under the water for people to walk on. The bamboo stretched for miles so I started walking down it. There were people randomly, just standing here and there, not saying anything, just looking at the water. Out of nowhere a huge gust of wind blows in and two miniture orcas, about the size of beer bottles, blow out of the water and into the sand. I ran over and grabbed them and walked back into the water to help them out, but the wind had picked up and I had to walk even further out to beat the breaking waves. By the time I felt I had walked far enough to let them go, some guy I had never seen before was behind me and said something to me, but I don’t remember what was said. I turned around and the water had turned into a stairwell that led down into someone’s basement. It was well lit and not very scary looking so I took the orcas down the stairs. By the time Ireached the bottom the whales had become full size again and there was a huge pool that they lived in down there. Then I woke up.

#5: “I peed so much that it overflowed…”

I had a dream with the cast of Scrubs. We went to J.D.‘s house and went swimming in an outdoor pool. For some reason I ended up naked, which backfired because even though it was a clear day out, lightning started to strike around us. As we ran inside I could not find my clothes. At this point everything started to slow down and the Scrubs theme music started to play. After it was over, we were in the house and I was still naked. I started to pee in this toilet in the middle of J.D.’s living room in front of all of them. I peed so much that it overflowed and got all over the carpet. Jordan looked at me and said “It’s okay, after living with Perry here, I give a gold star who gets more than 50% of it in the toilet”. Dr. Cox, clearly bothered, shot back with, “Oh, well is that right? I think he was distracted by your plastic face”. Illustration by Scott Donaldson (the toilet is just really small and hidden behind his leg).
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