#86 “…The tall, dark man was standing there watching me.”

I was walking past a hotel made of glass. It was about 10pm, and a tall man with dark hair grabbed me and said “You need to lock up for me tonight.” I said that was fine and followed him in. We walked into a big glass room which stood by itself and it had carpet made from glass. Then the tall man went back to the hotel to go to bed. I walked around taking it all in, looking at the swimming pool and all the guests who were walking around. I was tired so I laid down on the sofa to try and sleep. Just then I realized that I had forgotten to lock up. I got up quickly but there was already a small group of five foreign people who where yelling and complaining.

I got up and the first one asked me about his lay-by extention (…OK). I told him I didn’t know about the lay-by (same as lay-away for people in America :-) ) and he’d have to come back in the morning. The second was a Brazilian lady who was holding a baby and saying she just wanted to be treated like she speaks English as a first language. I just nodded and agreed with her.  “Of course, hon, ” I said although I could barely understand her. Finally I got rid of the crowd and locked up (the key looked a lot like the fitting room keys i have at my real work, lol). Then I went back to the sofa to sleep, as I was very tired by this stage. Then I realized the tall, dark man was standing there watching me. I told him I couldn’t sleep. So then he gave me an MP3 player that played me, like, static white noise that sent me to sleep………………… Then I woke up!!


#31 Pt. 1: “‘…I promise I’ll be back.'”

Editors Note: I’m going to divide this dream between three days because it’s huge. I’ll also add links for people who don’t know the stories that influenced this dream (I’m one of those people in the case of Eragon.)

Okay so basically I had this dream YEARS ago, like when I was 12 (I’m 16 now), but the dream was so vivid, so real, long, bizarre and so emotional I have not forgotten it to this day. I don’t blame you if you don’t add this dream (or read the whole thing), because it’s extremely long and complicated, but I’m happy to tell it anyway because I’ve honestly never had a dream as wicked in my life as this one.

Also note, when I had this dream I was reading the fourth book of Harry Potter and the first book of Eragon. Which I think is interesting because in my dream I predicted a few things that occur later in the series, such as Sirius‘s death, and where Snape’s loyalty is.

So in my dream, It was my Bat Mitzvah (a Jewish celebration of a girl turning 12- the year she is considered an adult), there was a huge party at my school in the gym, fancy tables, decorations, and tons of people (although for some reason they were all Rabbis who I didn’t know and no one I knew besides my direct family), it looked as though my family was very high-class. For entertainment, my parents decided to hire a comedian, so they hired the genie from Aladdin.

My dream begins with me in the audience sitting next to my father, who apparently was Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series. He was very handsome, dressed in a tux and he was so happy. And for some reason, he kept referring to me as “princess”, and I felt so happy being around him, and him around me. But at one point in intermission (from the genie’s performance), Sirius stood up and looked at me gravely and said, “I need to go–I promise I’ll be back”, although he said it with a smile, his tone hinted that he was worried about something, but didn’t want to tell me. So before I could object, he disappeared. Furious, worried and alone, I immediately accosted my mother, who was sitting next to my aunt. Both were dressed ridiculously in 18th century dresses, laughing to themselves without a care in the world. I asked my mother where Sirius was, but she only continued to laugh. I threatened her that I’d leave if she didn’t tell me. But she just gave a look to her sister that said, “She clearly isn’t an adult yet” and again, began to laugh. I stormed off in a rage to the other end of the large gym where there were no decorations.

As I walked, the wooden gym floor soon turned into a huge lake, and I was suddenly outside. I saw a bridge over the water and an old man sitting there fishing. Apparently the old man was Brom from the Eragon series, and he was my uncle. So I tried to call out to him, but because he was so old, he couldn’t hear me. So I tried to walk on the water (I have no idea why) and I obviously began to sink in the water. As I screamed for help, Brom heard me and jumped into the water. What was weird about this, was that in my dream, I left the perspective of myself, and I saw what was happening through Brom’s perspective. Through Brom’s eyes, I watched as he swam to me with what little energy he had left in his frail body and saved me. While swimming to shore, I asked Brom if he knew where Sirius was, but he said he didn’t now. Almost at the bridge, he let go of me, and said I should try to make it to the bridge by myself, he’d catch up. So (still in Brom’s perspective) I watched as I swam to the bridge. But soon, Brom began to drown, and I saw through his eyes as he went benethe the surface into darkness. Just at the moment when he’s about to die, my perspective jumps back to me for some reason and I’m on land, still walking around.

#13: “…I am their next victim.”

This dream consists of many people that I know but don’t really talk to.It started out that my best friend and I went to this birthday/engagement party at a chuck-e-cheese type place for some girl who went to our high school (that I never really knew in real life). We are sitting around a table and this girl I know at my university comes in but won’t sit with us and acts really weird. My best friend (who doesn’t know her at all) offers to give her a ride home and the girl is just acting really pissed off but eventually my friend walks her to her car. After a few minutes I decide to walk home to my parents house, and all of a sudden it was daylight outside. On my way I pass my old high school and on the sidewalk there are tons of women with picket signs about wanting better treatment for administration workers. I stand on the sidewalk and start clapping, but no one else does the same- everyone is ignoring these women, which is really annoying. I hang out with them for awhile before I go to the back doors of the school- because apparently I had to drop something off. On my way I pass a young man who has a ton of stuff, garbage, boxes, etc. that he needs to transport somewhere all by himself and he asks me to help. I say sure, and he goes- “cool its like Im the janitor and you can be an administration lady”. I ask him if he is asking me to do administration work because I am a woman, he smiles coyly and says “maybe”. So I say “then NO, I won’t help you” so I drop a broom off inside the building and start walking home. On my way I pass two 15ish year old boys on bikes with intense motorcycle helmets who look a bit thug-ish. They start riding their bikes around me, trying to hit me. They tell me that they go around Milwaukee beating people up about once a week and that I am their next victim. I try to ration with them- asking how they would feel if someone randomly chose to beat them to a pulp. They stopped for a sec, thought about it, and continued to intimidate me. I saw a bunch of kids and their dad across the street and begged to walk with them up the street- the thugs tried to discourage this at first, but then we all started walking down the street. Apparently somewhere during that short block the thugs changed their mind and I went my separate way and walked/swam home (In my dreams I can swim through the air). However, today when I dove into the air I didn’t get enough momentum or something and ended up diving into my neighbor’s lawn and had to embarrassingly start over. I got to my house and there were signs all over it for some prize that we won… and then I woke up.

#5: “I peed so much that it overflowed…”

I had a dream with the cast of Scrubs. We went to J.D.‘s house and went swimming in an outdoor pool. For some reason I ended up naked, which backfired because even though it was a clear day out, lightning started to strike around us. As we ran inside I could not find my clothes. At this point everything started to slow down and the Scrubs theme music started to play. After it was over, we were in the house and I was still naked. I started to pee in this toilet in the middle of J.D.’s living room in front of all of them. I peed so much that it overflowed and got all over the carpet. Jordan looked at me and said “It’s okay, after living with Perry here, I give a gold star who gets more than 50% of it in the toilet”. Dr. Cox, clearly bothered, shot back with, “Oh, well is that right? I think he was distracted by your plastic face”. Illustration by Scott Donaldson (the toilet is just really small and hidden behind his leg).
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