#88 “I’m ready to go”

by Scott Donaldson

Editor’s note: Hello all. We’re going to try to get a dream (and illustration) to you every week. Keep sending them in!  Illustration by Scott Donaldson

Jack Black and I were walking onto the street. There was a rally of goth Armageddonists that were talking about how the end was coming on Tuesday, and that’s when everyone would pay for their sins. They were in military uniforms, and they had on hats that looked like the heads of buffalo, which kind of reminded me of the beasts from Where the Wild Things Are. Jack and I decided to get out of there as quickly as we could before they started to turn on the people around them. As we walked into a bar, I saw something giant emerge and the ground started to shake. Jack just continued to walk in but I ran around to the back of the bar. As buildings were being crushed and people were screaming, I ran in and found Jack sitting on a chair calmly. I asked why he wasn’t scared and he said “I’m ready to go”. The front of the building began to be crushed by the giant whatever-it-was, and I ran to the back of the building, where the door was open. Through the window I could see nothing but dust in the air and silhouettes of running bodies fall to the ground and become lifeless. That’s when something hit me in the head and I went unconscious.

The dream didn’t end there though. I was awoken when I was being shaken by a talking rabbit. He explained to me that it had been the final judgment and now we had to get to the train. He said that only a couple million people were left. I’m assuming the train was going to Heaven. We got on the train and took our seats. There was a mixture of mostly children and fluffy, cartoonish animals on this train. I’m an adult so I wondered to myself why I was still worthy of Heaven if most adults weren’t, judging by the demographic of the train car. The animals didn’t even cross my mind. As the train began to move, waiters came by and handed us menus without saying anything. It had every food on it imaginable. As each person asked for something, it would just appear in the waiters’ hands, and the waiter would hand it to them without even looking. One girl then said “I’ll have one of everything on the menu”. The waiter did look at this girl and everyone went silent. At this point the little girl disappeared. At this point I woke up without knowing if the train was actually going to Heaven.


#82: “They were so happy to be free…”

I was on a cliff over a city. I could see every part of the city perfectly even though it was far away. I jumped off the cliff and started gliding down to a highway over the water. On the highway there were train tracks where this girl and guy were caught in the wires and couldn’t get out. People were on the side of the road, watching them struggle apathetically. A train was on it’s way so I had to help them get untangled. They were so happy to be free that they ran over to the side where the people cheered. But then my arm and leg were stuck in the wire. I saw the train lights coming down the highway and I looked over at the people and they were watching me apathetically, even the couple I saved. I tried asking for help but none could hear me. I looked down and saw that there was no concrete under the tracks. Just the water. I was trapped in the wires and I couldn’t do anything but watch the water as the train came closer. Just as I saw the lights reflected brightly off the water I woke up.

#79: “I know that they are all going to die…”

I’m on a train that has two levels. Nobody has assigned seats, and everyone is wandering around the two floors and various compartments. Behind me, I hear people coughing. I keep on walking around, aimlessly, and the coughing gets louder. More and more people are coughing. I know that they are all going to die of some sickness. I want to get off the train so I don’t get infected. I jump out a window as it nears a platform, and land safely.

But everyone on the train followed me.

#59: “Judas’s eyes…”

A dream just full of Judas. He was everywhere. All up in my face and my headspace. I was sitting on my bed with the back facing the door and he came up behind me and rested his chin on my shoulder. I can feel him just in general around me, but in this dream… God, it was so vivid, like my senses were alive. He owes me an apology and he did apologise in the dream and rather than fight it, i just shrugged and accepted it. I had a baby or I was pregnant but I never saw the baby. But I knew she was around. It then hopped to me sitting on a train, moving a a snails pace and seeing Judas running towards the train. He was jumping tracks and trying to get to the train… Trying to get to me.


I then drove somewhere- I don’t drive in waking life. I parked in a made-up car space, left the keys in the car and the car unlocked. I watched the windows de-fog and saw my best friends face reflected in the rear view.


Two fella’s I worked with then came into my dream. They were walking around a yard with prehistoric birds or something like that, how I imagine the dodo to have been. I remember calling my best friend to get off the phone and check these creatures out.


Then I flashed back to the car and when I turned and looked in the back seat, there was my baby. Blonde hair, olive skin and unmistakeable eyes. Judas’s eyes, like someone had popped them fair out of his head and put them in hers.

#55: Part 3 of 3 “…and then Michael Phelps comes in…”

I get up to leave after we talk a little bit more, and I go back the way I came (going east) to the other end of the room, and then all of the tables and people are gone. I turn (south) into a small, 6′ by 7′ room with no furniture in it. It is in the same placement as the room I was in at the beginning of the dream, only it is much smaller. I set down my backpack and beige windbreaker (which I didn’t know I was carrying, but I think I had it from when I walked into the luncheon) and go to look out the window again. I feel like I’m either looking for the friend I kissed, Martha, the girl who was looking for Martha (who has by this time disappeared), or the 5th floor. Then I notice that there is a door leading out onto a patio, and from there comes a middle aged man who seems to be very tired. He tells me to do something or help him with something, and then Michael Phelps comes in and helps him.


 I realize that it’s Michael Phelps and I’m starstruck and don’t know what to say. He leaves the room to go out onto the patio with the coach and then comes back in with a cover for an equipment cart that has appeared in the room. I help him put the cover on and then as he goes to leave into the big room (where I came from), I ask him “So what do you do? I mean, I know you’re a swimmer, so you swim. But what else do you do?” He answered, like it was just that obvious, “I swim.” Apparently this made a lot more sense than my previous observation had, and I accepted it as a very wise answer.

Now the room has doubled in size and a class is coming in, bringing big tables with drawers and chairs for their scrap-booking/photography/something called an artifact appreciation (meaning you look at things and ooh and aah) class. I stay to gather my things while they set up the classroom, and then while they start the lesson, I look through one of the drawers in the table closest to the door to try to figure out where Martha is.

Then I leave the room and go out into the long dining hall room which is hosting yet another luncheon. Along the far western wall, there’s a screen up and behind it are about ten harps and someone giving harp lessons. I am afraid to go over there because I haven’t practiced in a long time and don’t remember my pieces. Back at the eastern end of the room, someone is talking to me and I’m trying to get away from them to go down the stairs. I head toward the stairs and run into my music teacher, wearing a long brown sweater, who is apparently a ballerina and is trying to go en pointe in beige, fuzzy slippers that look only a little bit like pointe shoes while holding a big bag. Because she is blocking the stairs, I turn around and go east towards where the cafeteria supposedly is. The east end of the room now looks like the corridor in Hogwarts where they find the Room of Requirement.


I turn north when I get to the end of the room and see someone coming toward me. A tall woman is carrying someone else (I think it’s either someone from my floor at school, Martha, or the girl who was looking for Martha) and she says to me “Her ankle is open” just as one would say “Her ankle is broken”. The girl’s ankle is obviously broken, but it just looks like it has split open along the side, and even though I don’t want to look, I can see it. I look around for a way to try to contact the paramedics, and we turn south to walk back the way I had come from to get to Kaiser in Hayward (why we don’t try to go to Oakland, I have no idea).

Then the dream changes again and now it is a male from my church whose ankle is open/broken and who needs to go to the E.R. Mom, [Editor’s note: Due to the anonymity clause I can’t include the name that appears at this spot, but I’m assuming it is the writer’s sister] and I are trying to get across the street to the other building so that my male friend can get treatment. A helicopter comes to take him across the street (an ambulance does too, and I worry that they’ll get mad about the waste of fuel, but they don’t). Once he is on his way, Mom, my sister, and I go downstairs to the 19th street BART station and wait for a train to take us to the E.R. so we can see how he’s doing. My sister is walking too fast and Mom tells her to slow down or she’ll get on the wrong train. Then another man from church shows up with his camera (he’s going to see my friend too) and we get on the BART train and go across the street. When we get down from the platform, we have to work our way through the maze-like driveway that leads to the doors of the hospital. It’s like they’re trying to keep us from getting to my friend and we’re all a little ticked at this.

That’s it!

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