#90 “Somehow I knew the killer robot teacher was coming…”


by Scott Donaldson Illustration by Scott Donaldson

I was working in a school room. I was frantically trying to make sure that everything was tidy in there because if it wasn’t, a robot teacher would come in, destroy the classroom and try to kill me. When I heard her coming I ran away into the corridor. As I ran I could feel myself getting a nose bleed. All the other teachers and assistant walked past but no one noticed me bleeding and I passed out on the floor in the medical room.

I was still unconscious from this nose bleed but I could hear someone talking about sending me home from work and then having an interview when I returned to work. When I regained consciousness I was at home. Somehow I knew that the killer robot teacher was coming to my house and I was clearing it out when my mum came in looking for one of her hats. She looked at one on the end of my bed which was definitely mine and we argued about who the hat belonged to until she hit me and took one that was totally different and that I had never seen before. When I picked up some more hats I noticed that they all had holes in them.

Whilst I was tidying the house, my grandparents decided to visit. They brought along this woman in a wedding dress (in reality I know her, but she’s not related to me and I’ve never actually spoken to her). She was sending a text message to someone about mouse food… The robot teacher suddenly arrived. There were metal fence type things across the windows and she pulled them away and then smashed all of the windows. I couldn’t see her do all of this. I could hear the children from the class I work in reciting what happened like they were reading a story book.



I have this recurring nightmare that my childhood best friend is half peanut and only has one leg. We are walking together (or at least I’m walking while she hops along side me) when we come across your run-of-the-mill movie-inspired haunted house. We decide to go in, and when we reach the top floor and peer down the long hallway, I get an extremely uneasy feeling. I tell her we should go, but just at that moment, an incredibly obese woman of such massive proportions that she would be bed-ridden outside of my dream, jumps out from the very last open doorway and yells in a deep booming voice “PEANUUUUUUUUUTS!” I help my one-legged friend down the stairs, out of the house, and up a steep hill while this amazingly fast women chases after us with her mouth and arms wide open. I wake up before she catches us, and it scares me every time.

#55: Part 2 of 3 “…[They] try to poke her with a white plastic stick”

A young woman knocks on the door of the room and asks if I know where to find “Martha (lastnamethatdoesn’tmakesense)”. I told her that Martha is on the 5th floor (while thinking to myself, “God, she must be a freshman, everyone knows that Martha is on the 5th floor”) and that she should take the elevator. I leave the room, turning around to tell two friends (the friend I kissed is gone) that I’m leaving and that I’ll be back. We walk down the hall (north) to where the elevator should be, but when we get there and turn to the left, there’s just a bigger room, a hallway of sorts with chairs and a big control panel on a pedestal that controls the elevator. It has the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7, apparently the only buttons for the elevator. I am more disturbed by the fact that there is no button for the 5th floor (I guess I don’t care about the 6th) than the fact that there is no elevator in sight.

I turn to the left in the big room, now facing east, and I see that there are chairs set up for a class, and behind the class are doors along the wall that lead to other rooms. I walk through the class (heading west) that is in session and go to the middle of the room and then I turn north and see a large set of stairs that only lead down, and there is no way to get up to the 5th floor (if it exists). These stairs are linoleum and have the bumps like at the edge of the BART platform on the ends of the stairs.

For some reason I don’t go down the stairs, I walk further along the room and come across a luncheon for older people (60+). At a table at the far end of the room, I go sit down next to someone with an omnisex name (one of a female friend’s friends from Knox (Editor’s note: I would provide a link, but there are nine Knox’s in the United States, none of which are in California), who I thought was going to be a girl because it seems that she told me about this friend many times…but it turns out he is a guy) and across from a random older man, who is sitting next to Michael Duncan, who is sitting across from a female friend. There are three other people at the end of the table, but they keep to themselves. At our end, we start asking Michael how he’s doing and where he’s going to school. In response to this inquiry, there is a small “Hello, My name is”-type name tag (where Michael’s water glass should be) that says UCSB in messy cursive. For some reason, we all pronounce this acronym as “Ucksub”.

An elderly palsied woman passes between our table and the one behind us, and I reach out to help her pass, but she instead bends down to pick up something from the floor. As she does so and I try to help steady her, but my male friend, Michael, and the random guy try to poke at her with a white plastic stick. I brush away their stick and she picks up whatever she needed and moves on.

#23: “She was cheating on him with Matt Damon…”

There was a woman whose husband is a clown. She was cheating on him with Matt Damon, who in this dream was a soldier in addition to an actor. I don’t know whether or not her infidelity was related to her husband being a clown. Anyway, she and Matt Damon were inside a movie theater together when her clown husband died inside a candy machine in the lobby.

The whole feel of the above situation was like a suspense movie… Think psychological thriller.

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